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As a food safety auditor and trainer with The Food Safety Company, I have a busy and rewarding job. I work with a wide variety of food businesses, from restaurants, cafes and hotels to catering companies and food manufacturers, all of them producing delicious food! My role is to support them to ensure that the food is both delicious and safe by complying with legislation and industry standards.

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This question can elicit a number of very different responses. The aghast look of “are you joking? I haven’t had time to read!” to the people who read for the love of reading and insist on regaling you with plot, style, biography of the writer and everything in-between. Some read for escapism, some to quench a thirst for knowledge, some for the love and joy of just reading. The reasons are tenfold and myriad. Whatever your preference, each year sees a wonderful selection of literary options to suit all tastes. How we read has changed dramatically over the years from traditional hardback or soft cover to electronic, audible, writers’ subscriptions like Substack, newsletters, pre-order there is an endless way to engage. So, whether you turn page corners down, use beautiful bookmarks, skim through or just aimlessly glance at images we would like to share a few of our members favourite books from 2023. Not surprisingly, Cookery and food related books weighed in heavy!

Fermentation; cultured meets culture ›


For many years now we have been taught to fear bacteria and other microorganisms. Projecting that fear onto our food and drink is the natural progression. We spend a good deal of our time ensuring our food preparation and storage areas are beyond clean, disinfecting every inch of space and every utensil we use, at all costs we must destroy the germs! The fact that we are utterly dependent on bacteria and other microorganisms to live, (we have never lived without them) is often conveniently forgotten. Humans, animals, soil, plants all host trillions of microbes. We have for millennia lived in symbiosis with these microbes. We cannot survive without them. Theresa Keane August 2023



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