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ARE YOU SURE ABOUT YOUR FOOD? - Do you ever have concerns about Food Safety and Hygiene?

Last year at least 10 people everyday contacted The Food Safety Authority of Ireland to complain about hygiene standards in Restaurants where they ate. Others said nothing officially bar telling close friends and family. The standard of Food Safety and Hygiene remains a real concern. Last month alone, 10 Food Businesses were closed by the Regulatory Authority.
It is 20 years since it became mandatory to have a Food Safety System, similar to a Safety Statement in every Food Business and to ensure that all staff are trained in the basics of food safety like personal hygiene, cleaning, monitoring food temperatures etc. Yet outbreaks continue to happen in Ireland like e –coli and salmonella, people suffer horrendously and even die.
Undercooked food, particularly chicken and minced meat products are the main causes of food poisoning, poor personal hygiene is another common reason.
Recent closures were a result of serious infestation and filth.
Are Food Businesses ignoring the law, are the Inspectors vigilant enough or is the training of staff not adequate?
Which or whether, the Public are very observant, aware and rightly demanding.
Irrespective of the law, every restaurant has a moral duty to serve and every customer a right to receive food that is safe, served in pleasant surroundings by smart staff. Businesses cannot wait for the Inspector to judge them as their customer is doing so daily- Fact!

The FSPA - HACCP Experts.

Since 2007, The FSPA has been providing specialist services to a wide range of clients, literally from farm to fork. The FSPA is Ireland’s leading provider of complete training and compliance solutions for the entire food supply chain across Ireland. Whether dealing with Food Producers,
Hotels, Restaurants or Hospitals its experienced team is expert at designing an individual, user-friendly solutions which minimizes risk to business, saving time, money and stress. The FSPA will protect your brand and most of all provides you with the peace of mind which comes from knowing that your business is fully compliant.

Thinking About Setting up a Food Business?

The team at the FSPA can help you here too. In one meeting they can acquaint you with the legislation & general requirements set out by the FSAI (Food Safety Authority of Ireland), and put you on the road to gaining approval without costly mistakes.  They have huge experience in working with a wide range of start-up food businesses who seek independent, expert advice to ensure that they meet the relevant regulatory requirements and plan efficient kitchen layouts.

"We’re here to help both those that are already in the business and those starting up,” explains Mary Daly, Chairperson of the FSPA. "Food Safety Regulation is comprehensive and detailed, but we have the knowledge and the experience to guide you through to a secure position.”

For complete Peace of Mind-please talk to us at the FSPA