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The Food Safety Professionals Association was set up in 2007 with the intention of bringing together the best independent food safety/hygiene professionals operating on the island of Ireland in an attempt to nurture and improve the standards of food safety advice and training available to the Hospitality, Catering, retail and Industrial sectors in Ireland. To this end, very stringent entry criteria were devised for all persons hoping to become members of the FSPA. The membership has embarked on becoming a QQIC accredited provider. This process is long and arduous and requires the full co-operation of all members. Once this is achieved it will be of great benefit to all members of the FSPA.

Over the years since the Launch of the FSPA in Dublin Castle the association has held many continual development sessions for its members. Food Allergens and intolerances, Nano Technology, Marketing and QQI course development were amongst the topics covered. The association has given presentations at Catex and has been represented at other conferences such as the EHAI conference and the Good Food Ireland conference.

If you are in need of Food Safety advice see out services page or our FSPA in your area to contact one of our members

If you are a fellow professional and would like to join our association we have listed a few good reasons below. Click on how to join for more details

Benefits of your membership of the FSPA.

  • Group rates for Professional Indemnity and public liability insurances
  • Profile page on
  • Access to the resources of the FSPA
  • Opportunity to network with peers.
  • Continual professional development.
  • Business referral between members.
  • Social interaction between fellow professionals.