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Food Safety Assurance Award Scheme



The Food Safety Professionals Association have launched their Food Safety Assurance Award scheme. The scheme is aimed at food businesses in all areas of the food sector in Ireland, namely Retail & Wholesale, Hospitality and Catering, Industrial Catering, Licensed trade, Health Care Facilities, Educational establishments and Manufacturing.


Criteria for Premises:

Registered or notified to the relevant Regulatory Authorities,

In compliance with legislative requirements,

Following guidelines in Irish Standards or applicable standard,

Operating a documented HACCP / Food Safety Management System

Structure of Audit:

The audit is a systematic review of the following areas:

  1. Food Safety Management Systems Documentation
  2. Structural Hygiene
  3. Operational Hygiene
  4. Food Safety & Protection
  5. Personal Hygiene & Staff Facilities

Grading & Certification:

80% Grade


90% Grade



Certification is based on a three year cycle

Year 1 – Full audit to assess for compliance with FSPA standard.

Year 2 & 3 – Surveillance audits to ensure systems are operational and valid.

Further details are available from Grace O’Brien the Food Safety Assurance Standards Administrator on 087 9424096 or e-mail